Monday, March 05, 2007

I live

For Tim and the others. I live, I type and still have access to my blog.

See the problem for me has been time. It takes alot of time to maintain blogs and offer thoughts. It is a great exercise in discipline. Ahhh crap there is that word discipline. Maybe this will be a great way to get some thoughts out? Does sorry help when I have forgotten to blog and forgotten to communicate the journey?

Stay tuned skeptics...I live...
peace and love

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rob's B-day


Today is the Rev. Robert Abbott's 36th birthday.
Happy Birthday Old Man.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

"What do you mean you couldn't make our information meeting?"

it's ok Linc, they will have more chances.

Information Night #2

Wednesday October 26, 2005
7:30 @ the Gig

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feeling left out?

Information Night #1
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

see you at THE GIG.

there will be a #2.... stay tuned

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Clean up Begins

So away we go with the big task of cleaining things up.
Thanks to everyone that came to help out on Saturday (and yes you can feel guilty if you didn't come) Some had to leave before I could take the picture - but thanks to the Plattsville gang, the Yakes, the Kinsmens and the leadership team for some hard work

Information meeting are still to come in October... more details to come.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Help I'm Drowning, Nah Not really!

What have you been doing the last month???? Me I am unemployed so I spend my days swimming, hanging with Linc. Ya know taking it easy. Enjoying the summer. Drinking and eating and living the high life. That's a crock. Ya I have been swimming, and juggling and setting milestones weekly saying okay we now have to get this next step. The summer of the album, the gig and stress. Here's what it really looks like for us.

We have to juggle for child care for Linc cause our regulars are on holidays (they should be it's summer, Aside -did you know 40% of us canucks don't take holidays -so I sneak in a bit of TV after 11PM, I'm doing the work!) Each day I dive into my computer and deal with governance documents, vision and mission and purpose statements and programs (or not) theological positions and finances for the Gig. Pick up Linc. Have dinner with Bec and babe. Do the bed time routine and jump back at er. Unless of course there is a great movie Bec has rented, Coach Carter. K not quite a realistic pic, a tad exaggerated. I have had time off. Bec has been great. Her music is allowing us to eat. We have cut back on the air (central) -oh my! When she is not recording, gigging or working her office job she cares for Linc to allow me to do the work.

so my job has been slugging out a church from vision to Reality on paper. Tough work but totally beneficial. I should have been awake at all those board meetings when they dealt with incorporation and policies. Who knew.

We are well. Close to the completion of the album. Released in Nov. Will have the CD release party at The Gig. Signed the lease. Waiting on insurance quotes before we can move in. I am working on these documents to begin partnership. So this is great discipline for me and will pay off in the long run.
Or Wedding anniversary is coming up o Friday Aug. 27th. Will be 11 years. Thinking of going camping to celebrate the first week of September.

Will keep y'all posted.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Did you miss me? Cause I'm back!

Wow it has been way too freakin long. My most humblest apologies to y'all.
Good thing I am not paying myself to upkeep this blog eh or I would have to fire myself.

Let me give you the roll of life since my last post.....
As of the last week in June Iwas finished as youth Pastor at Bethany EMC. Sad to see that chapter in my life end, but glad to move on for them and for us. Students had a farewell, church had one and we are outta there. That was 3rd week in June Sunday the 25th.

The next day Monday June the 26th we flew out to Vanouver (the Abbott's three) so Bec could record her next album. God provided over 17,ooo clams and we were pretty confident the rest would roll in or at the very least we could get a lone from a donor so we went ot work. Me jobless and Bec taking 3.5 weeks off work without pay to get this baby churned out before launching into the Gig. Figured it would be the best time in our lives. When else would I have a chunk of time in life to go along ofr the ride and be the sole care provider for linc?

Bec survived the gruelling 12-15 hour days. I survived the single parent pressure and checked out all the local hotspots for kids under 3.
the trip was a success. Came home on July 18th. Not all the money came in and we are now trying to figure out if the project should be put on hold. so one unfinished album that will be great when it is fully completed. Now we have to try to figure out the best way to raise funds. Do you know any wealthy philanthropists that want to build into the career of a Juno nominated artist? Decisions eh.

last week on Thursday July 28th moved my office from bethany and stored it in a buddies garage. Weird to have the finality of leaving there after over 4 years. But again a great move for us and we were ready to move on.
have taken the opportunity to catch up on some task around the condo that I kept telling bec would get to but never did. Even though the looming pruessure of a paycheck is around the corner it has been great to be with my family alot. Bec ahs really needed me duringthis uncertainty of the album and the funds, and the stress that accompanies it. the music biz ain't all that glamorous and cutting an album takes alot of energy, coin and sacrifice. So we ahve been pushing hard to have space to breathe to get ready to push hard into launching a new church. I hear that it takes alot of energy, coin and sacrifice. So the Abbott's are gluttons for punishemnt eh????

Bet you are glad that I am not a regular blogger cause I am sure long winded.......
The deets...Next week to sign the lease, off to lead worship at camp stayner from Wed-Monday. Bec has concerts up there Sat and Sun.
all the while need to figure out financing, partnership and the the plan for the next few months while we are builidng and working on the leadership team.

If you want to recieve our prayer letter let me know and will be glad to send you a snail mail copy or a regular email. Those were the highlights of life, not to mention the goodbye visits, the wrap up meetings, concert rehearsals for Bec turing 35, the son who now walks and is very inquisitive about the world we live in.
I didn't even get to seethe star wars flick. But for you I digress. Will commit to regularily updating this journey for y'all.
Questions, comments, snide remarks?